PM Modi Foresees Extended Progress Beyond a Decade of NDA Rule, Seeks Kerala’s Support

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Addressing an election gathering organized by the NDA in Kunnamkulam, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed that the past decade of NDA governance was merely a preview of the transformative changes to come, both for Kerala and the nation as a whole. He appealed to the people of Kerala to extend their support to the BJP-led alliance in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, emphasizing the commitment to further progress.

PM Modi highlighted the extensive promises and development initiatives outlined in the BJP’s manifesto, titled ‘Modi ki Guarantee,’ released a day prior. He underscored the pledge for a year of advancement in Kerala, urging voters to consider the proposed programs and assurances.

In his address, PM Modi indirectly criticized Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, citing the loss of the family stronghold in Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi constituency and accusing him of silence regarding the Karuvannur bank scandal. He underscored Gandhi’s presence in Kerala for campaigning while alleging a lack of advocacy for the state’s interests.

The Prime Minister condemned the Congress for its alleged alliance with the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political wing of the banned Popular Front of India (PFI), labeling it as a clandestine agreement detrimental to national interests.

Drawing attention to the Karuvannur Cooperative Bank scam, PM Modi accused the ruling CPI(M) of financial malpractice and vowed to pursue justice for affected depositors. He pledged support for those impacted and highlighted the concerns raised by BJP candidate T N Sarasu from the Alathur constituency.

PM Modi criticized both the UDF-led opposition and the ruling LDF for impeding progress in Kerala, accusing the Left Front of perpetuating violence and lawlessness in the state.

Looking ahead, PM Modi promised ambitious infrastructure projects, including the introduction of bullet trains across various regions of India, with a focus on south India’s development. He pledged to enhance Kerala’s global heritage connectivity through extensive highway networks and the introduction of Vande Bharat trains.

During his speech, PM Modi also attributed a weakened global image of India to the Congress, contrasting it with the BJP’s efforts to strengthen the nation’s stature internationally.

Asserting the significance of the upcoming elections in shaping the future, PM Modi concluded his speech by expressing confidence in Kerala’s active representation in Parliament.

PM Modi’s visit marks his sixth appearance in the state ahead of the Lok Sabha elections scheduled for April 26, reflecting the BJP’s concerted efforts to secure support from the region.

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