Maradu flats: Municipality flags ‘temporary’ certificate

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Residents of Maradu residential flats stage a sit-in on Monday.

Chairman K.H. Nadira says such occupancy certificates can be withdrawn based on court order

The Maradu municipality claims that it issued only ‘temporary’ or ‘conditional’ occupancy certificates to the builders of the four apartment complexes that are facing a demolition threat following a Supreme Court order. The occupancy certificate states that any buildings so certified are fit to be occupied.

The temporary permits were issued according to the provisions in the Kerala Municipal Building Rules and they could be withdrawn on the basis of an adverse court order or if a demand was made by the government, said K.H. Nadira, municipal chairperson, on Tuesday. This was the practice even with individual houses or other buildings within a local body, she added.

However, one of the residents at Holy Faith H2O complex said that the buyers were ignorant of the conditions and that they had been cheated. He said that considering the investment involved, the residents would not have bought property that had only temporary occupancy certificates.

A lawyer for the flat owners said many of the buyers might not be aware of the conditions though some at least put the documents through legal vetting. Builders have declined to comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, none of the more than 350 residents in the four residential apartment complexes responded to a call from the municipal authorities to furnish details for temporary rehabilitation.

The deadline for providing the details ended at 3 p. m. on Tuesday and nobody responded, said Ms. Nadira. The municipality had issued the notice on an order from the District Collector and had warned that those who did not provide details would be considered as not requiring temporary rehabilitation and no further notifications would be issued on the matter.

The residents of the four complexes had not allowed municipal officials to enter their premises and these notices were stuck on the wall near the entrances.

Not vacated

The residents of the apartment complexes — Alfa Ventures, Golden Kayaloram, Holy Faith H2O and Jain Housing — have stayed put and have not vacated the apartments even though the deadline issued to them ended on the midnight of Sunday. The municipal chairperson said that the municipal authority would act in accordance with the decision of the all-party meeting convened by the Chief Minister in Thiruvananthapuram.

The municipality has not acted on the 13 bids received from various companies for demolition of the apartment complexes. It is estimated that about ₹40 crore would be required for the demolition.

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