TN BJP Chief Annamalai Addresses Investment Challenges and Language Policy

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The President of the Tamil Nadu BJP, K Annamalai, stated on Tuesday that the state is witnessing lower investments due to language barriers. Emphasizing that people are not compelled to learn Hindi, he clarified that the suggestion is to acquire an additional language for career advancement.

Addressing the media at the state BJP headquarters in Chennai, Annamalai commented on the Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet 2024, comparing it unfavorably to similar events in other states. He urged the government to focus on outperforming other states rather than boasting about investments.

The Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet 2024 concluded with 631 MoUs signed and an investment commitment of Rs 6,64,180 crore, along with promises of 26,90,657 jobs.

Responding to actor Vijay Sethupathi’s comments on Hindi imposition, Annamalai stated that individuals have the freedom to express their views. However, he highlighted that the preference for Bengaluru over Tamil Nadu by Hindi speakers is impacting investments.

Annamalai advocated a three-language policy, mentioning that people should learn Tamil, English, and a third language, with Hindi as an optional choice. He clarified that the BJP’s stance is not to force anyone to learn Hindi and that people can choose any third language, such as Kannada, Malayalam, or Telugu.

The BJP leader encouraged learning multiple languages, stating that knowing just two languages is insufficient. He suggested that those averse to Hindi can opt for languages like French or German and work abroad.

In response to questions about the BJP’s alliance with AIADMK, Annamalai mentioned that the party expresses its views on AIADMK, but alliance decisions are made by the BJP’s parliamentary board. This statement follows AIADMK leader Edappadi K Palaniswami’s announcement that his party won’t ally with the BJP for the upcoming elections.

Annamalai noted that the political landscape has evolved in the state, where religion and caste remain significant factors. He indicated a shift in voting patterns for the 2024 elections, citing confidence in Narendra Modi’s third term as Prime Minister.

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