Sethurathnam Ravi known as S Ravi and his corporate journey

S Ravi BSE
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Sethurathnam Ravi, popularly known as S Ravi pursued his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Commerce from Madhya Pradesh’s Durgavati University. His academics and talents led him to various job roles in the corporate world where he proved his worth.  He was able to secure a place as a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India. He was a chartered accountant who was based in India along with being the managing and promoter partner of the Ravi Rajan & Co. He was also the honorable BSE chairman.

S Ravi’s corporate journey

His corporate journey is also inclusive of associating with the SBI Payments Services Pvt. Ltd where he was a member of the Board of directors. Before being a member of BSE, S Ravi also actively served on several companies out of which are SMERA Ratings, UTI Company Pvt. Ltd., STCI Finance Ltd, SBI-SG Global Securities, and finally the BOI Merchant Bankers.

The former BSE chairman’s corporate journey also comprises holding respectable positions on the financial institutions, boards of banks, and a few of the companies that are associated with asset management in the field of finance.

S Ravi’s plan for BSE

When S Ravi was appointed as the BSE chairman, he decided that the core goal of his business will be centered on the commodities because according to him the when the exchange is initiated, it would somehow be centered on the diversification of the business which funds led to a smooth venture into the commodities derivatives. When S Ravi became the BSE chairman, he succeeded Dhirendra Swarup.

As a BSE chairman, his main vision was governance where he stated that various governance has been incorporated in the corporate world of India so when the governance is improved, an efficient business will be lead. His corporate life also includes being a member of the mutual fund’s discovery committee alone g with the SEBI’s takeover panel.

As of the current times, S Ravi is the chairman and an esteemed director of the Tourism Finance Corporation of In the dia which is a government financial institution to promote tourism in the entirety. Some of the other boards where S Ravi serves are known as Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Ltd, SBI Payments Services, and others.

During his corporate life, S Ravi has a positive response towards all the dynamics and technology that the world has introduced to the current generation. He has supported neo banking where he established that the introduction of the efficiency, reach and technology of neo banking has created a positive impact on the world.

Thus, the former BSE chairman has his share of contribution to the corporate world where he did his best in doing everything he could do for the overall development of the company and the collateral benefits that people of the company can enjoy. His entire corporate journey includes his unexpendable responsibilities and he carried it out in a very ace manner. Therefore, these are some of the notable deeds and duties that S Ravi has managed to do during his corporate time.

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