Sabari non-issue in polls: CPM Manjeshwaram

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CPM Manjeshwaram candidates bats for protecting temple’s customs.

BJP made tall claims before the Lok Sabha polls on legal route but went back on them later, he said.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: CPM’s candidate for Manjeshwaram byelection Shankar Rai may swear by the customs of Sabarimala and insist that they be protected but for the party’s local czar Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Sabarimala is a non-issue in the coming bypoll.

“It is not an issue in these elections, he said here on Thursday. “Will the Manjeshwaram verdict or for that matter the results in other four constituencies have any impact on the Supreme Court verdict ?  Will the verdict result in any change in the apex court judgement? Is the Supreme Court going to hear the review petition based on the verdict of the bypoll? The five judges who have given the verdict are strong believers. Are they against any faith or belief?  All these issues are being raked up now for vested political interests and the propaganda has no basis.

The CPM state secretary said the issue was discussed widely during the Lok Sabha elections, he pointed out.  “At that time the BJP made tall claims that once they come to power, the Central government will bring a law to circumvent the apex court verdict. But after forming the government, the law minister categorically stated that the Centre cannot bypass the Supreme Court verdict. National BJP general secretary Ram Madhav also made it clear that the central government cannot go against the verdict. Now the BJP and the Congress are raising the issue to mislead people and garner a few votes. However, people have seen through their game.”

Meanwhile, Majeshwaram LDF candidate said he was a staunch believer but would not like to make Sabariamala an issue during elections. The party leadership will explain the front’s stand on the issue, he said.

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