Roop Bansal: Pioneering Progress in Real Estate

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In the dynamic realm of real estate, marked by innovation and adaptability, Roop Bansal emerges as a visionary leader at the helm of M3M India, a leading real estate group in India. As the driving force behind the company’s growth, he prioritizes creating green and sustainable residential projects for the benefit of clients and investors, contributing to opulent living experiences.

Roop Bansal: Personal Insights

  • Name: Roop Bansal
  • DOB: 16-10-1966
  • Age: 56 years
  • Profession: Entrepreneur, Promoter of M3M India Private Limited
  • Father: Late Sh. Lal Chand Bansal
  • Recognitions: Listed among the Top Philanthropists on the EdelGive Foundation Hurun India Philanthropy List 2021

Foresighted Vision of Roop Bansal

Roop Bansal’s strategic planning and efficient execution ensure timely project delivery. Under his guidance, M3M’s financial, commercial, and organizational functions seamlessly integrate, ensuring peak efficiency.

Beyond Gurugram: Pan India Expansion

Under Roop Bansal’s strategic leadership, M3M Group has expanded its footprint beyond Gurugram, undertaking diverse projects across India, including Panipat and Noida. With in-house project integration, M3M India delivers developments with unparalleled quality, cost efficiency, and timely execution.

Innovative Strategies and Leadership Traits

  • Futuristic Outlook: Roop Bansal envisions real estate as a creator of living spaces fostering community, sustainability, and well-being.
  • Embracing Smart Cities: By integrating technology, sustainability, and aesthetics, M3M under his leadership develops projects aligned with smart cities and green architecture principles.
  • Path-breaking Initiatives: M3M India, guided by Roop Bansal, prioritizes eco-friendly living by incorporating renewable energy, rainwater harvesting, and green spaces.

Forward-Looking Strategy for M3M

  • Transformative Leadership: Roop Bansal’s forward-thinking approach and visionary leadership have made M3M a prominent player, setting industry benchmarks.
  • Sustainability Emphasis: His focus on sustainability, innovation, and community-building inspires the sector.
  • Delivery Excellence: Under his guidance, M3M India has successfully delivered 3 crore square feet through 50 luxury projects, reshaping Gurugram’s skylines.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Roop Bansal’s philanthropy extends beyond construction worker welfare, encompassing health check-ups, community marriages, sustainable infrastructure, and social initiatives in adopted villages.

As M3M India redefines luxury in real estate, Roop Bansal’s vision shapes the company’s trajectory, impacting society and setting industry standards.

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