Pharis Aboobacker – Young Keralite Businessman Who Crafted His Own Success

Faris Aboobacker, Pharis Aboobacker
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Millionaire businessman Pharis Aboobacker had been the talk of the town for some years now. Crowds of people were stunned and astounded by his extraordinary success in the face of all the odds. He runs his other businesses, including his real estate holdings, while maintaining his reputation as an entrepreneur and businessman. His outstanding accomplishment in the area has prompted parallels to the nation’s wealthiest businessmen and millionaires. 

Despite having a tough childhood, Pharis Aboobacker crafted his own success. However, his tenacious work ethic was a major factor in Pharis Aboobacker’s success. Let’s take a look at Pharis Aboobacker’s early years, education, and career history in this post.

Pharis Aboobacker is a perfect example of a pragmatic businessperson who pursues his objectives with vigour and persistence. Aboobacker, a native of Kerala, has distinguished himself in business thanks to his unwavering dedication and perseverance. The well-known manufacturer and businessman Pharis Aboobacker started his journey in the Koyilandy neighborhood of Kozhikode. His education started at the local Poykayil school and ended with his graduation from the esteemed Farooq College in Kozhikode. From an early age, Aboobacker exuded an air of vitality and ambition and had the innate capacity to recognise his success.

Pharis Aboobacker has held board positions with a number of companies, both big and small. In addition to Petropas Automotive Private Limited, he also serves as a director for Chikmangaloor Real Estates Private Limited, Kadavanthara Properties Private Limited, Daram Developers Private Limited, Kadavanthara Realtors Private Limited, and Parrot Grove Private Limited. He is currently connected to six businesses. Pharis contributed to the Deepika newspaper, which was losing money, before taking over as the owner. He owned “Deepika” and another daily newspaper in Kerala.

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