Over 79,000 Complaints of Poll Code Violations Received on C-Vigil App

The Election Commisison said over 58,500 complaints, amounting to 73 per cent of the total complaints, were against illegal hoardings and banners.
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The Election Commission disclosed that it has received over 79,000 complaints concerning violations of the Model Code of Conduct via the C-Vigil application since the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections.

An official statement from the poll panel highlighted that “Over 99 per cent of complaints have been resolved, with close to 89 per cent of these complaints addressed within 100 minutes. Speed and transparency are the cornerstones of the C-Vigil app.”

According to the statement, a significant portion of the complaints, over 58,500 in number, amounting to 73 per cent of the total complaints, were related to illegal hoardings and banners. Similarly, over 1,400 complaints pertained to the distribution of money, gifts, and liquor.

Additionally, the Election Commission reported over 2,400 complaints, constituting approximately three per cent of the total, regarding the defacement of property. Another 1,000 complaints were lodged for campaigning beyond the permitted period, including the unauthorized use of speakers.

The poll panel further stated, “Out of the 535 complaints received about the display of firearms and intimidation, 529 have already been resolved.”

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar has encouraged the public to utilize the app to report violations of the model code of conduct and any distribution of inducements to voters.

The Lok Sabha elections are scheduled to take place in seven phases from April 19 to June 1, with the results set to be declared on June 4.

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