Next Green Revolution BE Agriculture Engineering is available at RCET, the best engineering college in Kanyakumari district

BE Agriculture Engineering | RCET | Kanyakumari
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BE agricultural engineering is an undergraduate course. It deals with application of engineering principles in the field of agriculture. It also helps to solve the problems faced in the agricultural sector. The course is a solution to the ever growing concern over environment protection. RCET, the top engineering college in Kanyakumari district offers the course to the students to make them a responsible citizen. They also shows the importance of such a course to be made more pronounced

BE Agriculture Engineering | RCET | Kanyakumari
BE Agriculture Engineering | RCET | Kanyakumari

B.E. Agricultural Engineering or Bachelor of Engineering in Agricultural is an undergraduate Agricultural Engineering course. The duration of the course is four years and the course deals with the study of applying engineering principles to the food and agricultural industries to make farming easier, more efficient and more profitable through the design and development of new agricultural machinery and through innovations in irrigation systems, power systems, water and soil conservation, etc. B.E. (Agricultural Engineering) degree course usually comprises the study of four main branches of agriculture engineering namely: Farm Implements, Rural Structures, Soil Conservation, Drainage and Irrigation, and Rural Electricity. In short, B.E. Agricultural Engineering mainly focuses on the study of the application of the concepts and techniques of various fields of engineering to the solution of problems arising in the field of agriculture and rural living.

Scopes of Agriculture Engineering

The ever-growing concerns regarding environmental protection are opening new avenues for agricultural engineers. Students after attaining a B.E. (Agriculture Engineering) degree can work in a variety of settings, including government environmental organizations, private consulting firms and agricultural machinery manufacturers.

The degree course in agricultural engineering combines the knowledge of mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering which aids in designing and improving agricultural systems, equipment, and tools, thereby helping farmers to increase crop production while lowering costs.The degree course also equips its students to focus on the impacts of farming practices on the environment and develop means to reduce pollution and restore the damaged ecosystems.

Academic Options after Agriculture Engineering

After this undergraduate course, students can apply for M.Tech Agricultural Engineering and also Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineer. Students can also opt for specialization within the fields of Agriculture in Agricultural Engineering when applying for M.Tech or Ph.D. course.

Agriculture Engineering @ RCET

Rohini College of engineering and technology, the top engineering college in Kanyakumari district, has one of the best faculties in the field of B.E. agriculture. They also provide a great campus and infrastructure. The College also provide good lab facilities and quality practical knowledge in this field. Department has fully modernized Irrigation/Drainage Laboratory, Groundwater Laboratory and GIS Laboratory with latest Soil Water Modeling Software. Fully centralized on-field irrigation system gives the option of using different irrigation systems. Agricultural processing laboratory has been built to serve the demands of teaching and research on the Processing Technology of agriculture produces.

That’s why Rohini College of engineering is the top engineering college in Kanyakumari district.

The college also holds seminars and international workshops in all streams to improve the knowledge of the students. Rohini College of engineering, the top engineering college in Kanyakumari district, also provides a good hostel facility that can be matched with the top institutions. The library of the college is worth mentioning considering the quality of books and size of library. That’s why it is the top college in Kanyakumari district.

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