Loot by the Private hospitals in the name of CORONA has to stop!

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Yesterday evening I went to amri salt lake hospital with a kōbhiḍa patient. For admission. It is the way to run away. The hospital was tested by showing the doctor at noon. Test Charge 5000 tk. 1150 tk to show the doctor. In the afternoon, doctor babu himself called and said, you are positive. Get admission. It is a strange experience to get admitted in the evening. Compatible, no ambulance found. The patient himself has driven the car. The man of the house is sitting behind.

No one was allowed to enter the hospital in the hospital. They didn’t let the stairs. We’re on the sidewalk. They’re talking from the upper balcony. What an attitude! 2/3 people like a bouncer stood on the balcony and know what they want. Who is the patient – asked to know. A 67-Year-old patient of the 67-Year-old patient of the face of the sick face is not able to pay. Happy birthday to you. The patient named his son’s office and said that the office has a tie-up. They shouted a tie-up to a tie-up. He said there’s no seat. Look at another place. It is said again and again, your doctor babu said to get admitted. They say, doctor asked to be admitted, he said to be admitted. It is said to you to go to the report, why do you ask me to go to another place! But I don’t want to hear anything. It is said that if you don’t have a bed, you should have taken notice outside. The bouncer type people say, it’s private hospital. The government rules don’t go here. This is the final match. We said we will talk to the admission office, we will talk to doctor babu. A bouncer type man came in and said, ” I am the doctor I’m saying there’s no seat. And there is no use of talking to anyone. It was a good day. Then a few other bouncer types have been standing on the balcony. We’re back. A few private hospitals were found in the phone. Everyone said that there is no seat. A private hospital told that they couldn’t give a place to the hospital. But you will be treated by keeping in one place nearby. 10 thousand taka per day rent. Plus 1150 tk per PC PLUS 7 tk per pc. Doctor-nurse, medical costs are different.

I went to a government hospital. He said that you have to write it from the health building. The patient was sitting in the car and went to the health building, and saw the report and said, ” there is no name for your patient Go to omri again. Say, to upload patient’s report on the ā’isi’ēma’āra website. If you upload then come. Happy birthday to you. It’s about pm. the patient has been admitted to the government hospital at night.

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