Gambhir Says He Was ‘Contractually Bound’ to Miss Delhi Pollution Meeting, Gets Trolled Yet Again

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East Delhi MP Gautam Gambhir has been in the eye of a Twitter-storm after he missed a key meeting to discuss the capital’s pollution crisis and was spotted eating jalebis in Indore instead.

Cricketer turned Bharatiya Janata party MP Gautam Gambhir invited further trolling on Monday after he claimed that he had missed the Parliamentary meeting on air pollution in Delhi because he was previously committed.

The East Delhi MP has been in the eye of A Twitter-storm since November 15 when he missed the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Urban Development meeting in Delhi amid severe concerns about the alarming levels of air pollution in the capital. Instead of attending the meeting, however, Gambhir was seen gorging on jalebi in Indore.

The MP was in Indore to as a commentator for the India-Bangladesh cricket fixture and images of him enjoying jalebi were shared by former cricketer VVS Laxman. The photos became viral and Gambhir faced a lot of flak on legacy as well as social media for allegedly “enjoying” in Indore while Delhi choked.

On Monday, the former cricketer responded to reporters in the capital, stating that he has missed the “very important” pollution meeting because he was “contractually bound”.

“I had signed the contract in January & I joined politics in April. Due to contractual obligation, I had to go for the commentary. On 11th November I received the mail and on the same day, I had informed them the reason for not attending the meeting,” Gambhir told news agency ANI.

He also took to Twitter to Twitter to explain his position, claiming that people can troll him all they want adding that abusing him will not solve the pollution problem.

He also added a note in which he said that his accomplishments as an MP should be judged from the work he has been doing in Delhi.

“I sit in my constituency office at 11 am and leave only when they people who had come are assured that their grievances have been addressed,” Gambhir wrote.

“We are also in talks to install giant air purifiers with cutting edge technology across the constituency which will substantially reduce pollution”, the MP further added.

Speaking to reporters, Gambhir also remarked that for some people, dwelling on “jalebi was more important that pollution and that he was “unfairly targeted”.

The remarks come a day after parodied “Missing” posters of Gambhir showed in various parts of the capital, seeking information on the “missing” MP. He also said if him eating jalebi had cause pollution to spike, he can quit eating jalebis forever.

Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party has torn into Gambhir following the controversy. “Instead of sitting in commentary box and enjoying, we challenge Gautam Gambhir to stop playing blame games over pollution and attend meetings on air pollution which he skipped,” read a tweet by the party’s official handle.

The meeting had to be cancelled due to mass absence from MPs as well as Delhi Development Authority and MCD officials.

Incidentally, Gambhir had earlier attacked Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for not doing enough to deal with the Delhi’s air crisis and instead was only busy giving press conferences.

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