Authorities Investigate Fake Bomb Threat at Aluva Railway Station

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Aluva: The Railway Protection Force (RPF) and local police have initiated an investigation to trace the origin of a fake bomb threat that disrupted operations at the railway station on Sunday night. Despite the seriousness of the incident, neither party has officially filed a case related to the threat. The ordeal unfolded at 9.50 am when an unidentified individual placed a call to the Thiruvananthapuram railway control room from Tamil Nadu, threatening to throw a petrol bomb at the Aluva railway station.

Aluva Bomb Threat

In the aftermath of the recent Kalamasery blast, authorities promptly took action, halting operations and conducting a thorough search. However, no suspicious items were discovered. Train services were temporarily halted at Edappally, Kalamasery, Aluva, and Angamaly. Normal operations resumed at 11.45 am. The police, RPF, and Thunderbolt units, along with bomb and dog squads, conducted an extensive inspection in the railway station area.

Kalamasery Blast

Authorities are actively working to identify the individual responsible for the false bomb threat and the potential motive behind the disruptive call. Despite the absence of a formal case registration, the investigation remains a priority for the RPF and local police.

False Bomb Threat

This incident underscores the importance of robust security measures in public spaces, especially in the aftermath of recent security concerns. The coordinated efforts of law enforcement and security units aim to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers and the public.

Public Safety

As the investigation progresses, updates on the case will be provided to the public, reaffirming the commitment of authorities to maintain the security and integrity of railway operations in the region.

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