Air India Express cancels several flights to West Asia from Kochi; travellers protest

Kochi airport chaos as worker strike cancels flights to/from Sharjah, Damam, Muscat, Bahrain. Travelers stranded.
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Air India Express cancelled several flights to Middle East cities from Cochin International Airport on Wednesday morning triggering protest by hundreds of passengers demanding fresh tickets or immediate refunds to facilitate their travel without losing time.

Passengers say that their jobs may be at risk following flight cancellations though the Airlines has not given an official explanation on the situation.

Airport sources indicated a lightning move by the airline workers to strike leading to the situation.

Flights that were to land in Kochi from Sharjah, Damam, Muscat and Bahrain on Wednesday were also reported to have been cancelled.
The flights from Kochi that were cancelled include those to Sharjah, Muscat and Damam.

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