Unveiling the Real ‘Kerala Crime Files’ Murderer: The Riveting Chase

Dive into the real-life chase inspired by 'Kerala Crime Files
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In June 2023, the release of the Malayalam web series ‘Kerala Crime Files’ gripped audiences with its intense portrayal of real-life criminal cases. Little did Civil Police Officer Mahesh K C from Ernakulam North Police Station know, he would soon find himself deeply immersed in a case straight from the series’ pages — the hunt for Venjaramoodu native Biju, alias Liberty Biju, the prime suspect in the brutal murder of a sex worker.

Biju’s story begins in 2011 when he was arrested for the murder of Andhra native Swapna at a lodge in Kochi, where he worked as a cook. Released on bail after 90 days, Biju seemingly disappeared into thin air in 2017, prompting the police to issue a warrant for his arrest in 2018. Fast forward to 2023, Officer Prathap Chandran G assigned Mahesh to crack the case that had stumped investigators for years.

Mahesh faced a daunting task. Armed with only a handful of clues — Biju’s old address, a photograph, and the distinct detail of his squint eye — Mahesh dove headfirst into a complex web of leads and dead ends. “He is an intelligent criminal,” Mahesh mused, reflecting on the challenges ahead.

The investigation led Mahesh through a labyrinth of phone numbers, family ties, and sightings across Kochi, Pune, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. With the help of the cyber cell, Mahesh painstakingly sifted through dozens of phone records, hoping to find a trace of Biju. It was a relentless pursuit, involving cooperation from local postmen, bar employees, and even UIDAI for Aadhar card details — though the latter was declined on grounds of privacy.

Months passed with close calls and false alarms, until a breakthrough finally came. A phone number registered under the alias ‘Biju Bhandari’ caught Mahesh’s attention. Drawing on linguistic insights, Mahesh traced calls from this number back to a location near Ernakulam’s KSRTC bus stand.

With renewed determination, Mahesh and his team swiftly closed in on the elusive suspect. Biju, now found residing in a remote area behind Udaya Colony, offered no resistance upon arrest. His reason for evading capture? A dispute over legal fees, he claimed, recounting his interest in the very series that indirectly led to his capture.

As Mahesh reflected on the months-long pursuit, he couldn’t help but marvel at the twists and turns of a case that mirrored the very narratives that captivate viewers of ‘Kerala Crime Files’. The chase for Biju was not just about solving a crime but unraveling the intricate layers of a real-life thriller.

In the realm of crime and justice, each story is a testament to the dedication and perseverance of those who tirelessly pursue the truth. Stay tuned for more gripping tales from the case files in this weekly column, where reality is often stranger than fiction.


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