The deadline is December 31; Sensational information told by Annamalai.

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Annamalai is the new BJP state president of Tamil Nadu and a former IPS officer. He recently appointed a high-level committee to prepare for the upcoming local elections. The strategy to serve the election is based on the advice provided by this committee. At the same time, factional strife within the Tamil Nadu BJP is said to have begun to escalate, causing some unrest in Annamalai. According to political sources, the first step is to put an end to this.4 BJP MLAs have entered the Tamil Nadu Assembly under the leadership of L Murugan.

It is the duty of the Annamalai to take this to the next level. In this context, the National Health Volunteers Training Camp on behalf of the BJP was held in Tindivanam, Villupuram District.Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai said that National Health Volunteer Committees have been set up in 1,014 areas in Tamil Nadu. The objective of this group is to work in the field of corona prevention activities in 13 thousand villages in Tamil Nadu. The need to go from village to village and vaccinate to prevent the third wave from coming.

He also said that there is a need to create awareness about eating habits and yoga practice. That there should be no corona infection in India by next 31st December. The aim of the BJP Volunteers Group is to fulfill this dream. 4.27 lakh people have died of corona in India. India has a lower mortality rate than other countries. Annamalai said the main reason for this was the decisions taken by Prime Minister Modi.

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