Tackling Waterlogging in Kalamassery: A Rs 14.5-Crore Solution

"New Rs 14.5-crore project aims to end waterlogging in Kalamassery and bring relief to residents."
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Flooding and waterlogging have been persistent challenges for the residents of Kalamassery, especially in areas like Pottachal and Parutholi. These issues not only disrupt daily life but also pose significant risks during the monsoon season. Thankfully, there’s a beacon of hope on the horizon with a new initiative aimed at addressing these problems once and for all.

Rebuild Kerala Initiative Steps In

The state government, under the Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI), has greenlit a comprehensive project to resolve the waterlogging woes of Kalamassery. With a hefty budget of Rs 14.5 crore, this project is poised to transform areas such as Alfia Nagar, Arafa Nagar, Vidyanagar, and the Cochin University region into flood-free zones.

Industries Minister P Rajeeve, who also serves as the MLA for Kalamassery, announced that the project is set to be completed within nine months. This timeline is a relief for many who have been dealing with these issues for years.

What’s the Plan?

The strategy revolves around upgrading the Pottachal canal, a key waterway that has been hampered by encroachments and narrowing, leading to frequent floods. The irrigation department’s mapping and planning, prompted by Minister Rajeeve, have laid out a clear path forward. The canal will be widened and fortified using a box culvert system, which will also be reconstructed to prevent future blockages.

“The encroachment has significantly reduced the canal’s width, turning parts of it into a narrow drain and causing immediate flooding during the monsoon,” explained Minister Rajeeve. “The project will help eliminate waterlogging and flooding in Pottachal and Cusat areas.”

A Long-Awaited Solution

The project isn’t just about physical infrastructure; it’s about restoring peace of mind to the residents. By increasing the canal’s width along its entire 1,037-metre length, the initiative promises to address the long-standing concerns of those living in these flood-prone areas.

“The completion of this project will finally meet the long-pending needs of the residents,” Minister Rajeeve assured.

Moving Forward

As work begins on this ambitious project, there’s a palpable sense of optimism among the community. With effective execution, Kalamassery could soon become a model for flood management in other parts of the state. The Rebuild Kerala Initiative’s commitment to such projects highlights the importance of resilient infrastructure in safeguarding our communities against the changing climate and its challenges.

Stay tuned for updates as we follow the progress of this vital project and its impact on Kalamassery.

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