Saudi Crown Prince’s party invited 150 models

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Around 150 female models attended a secret party by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Maldives in 2015, a book claimed. Mohammed arrived at the resort only after the models were tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

There were just so many of them, around 150 in all, and most had traveled for days, flying from Brazil or Russia to Male, the capital of the Maldives, a tiny nation in the Indian Ocean. From Male the women took smaller planes to a northern archipelago, where they boarded boats across a turquoise expanse of the Indian Ocean to Velaa.

The resort had staffers on hand to greet each woman and politely shuttle her by golf cart to a medical center to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Only after the testing was done and the women had settled into their villas did the seaplanes carrying Mohammed bin Salman and his friends arrive. To maintain his privacy, staff were not allowed smartphones and only allowed to keep a Nokia 3310 phone, the book claimed.

Mohammed had first visited Velaa about a year earlier with his father’s entourage and was taken by the resort. Since the Maldives government prohibits resorts from putting up buildings higher than the surrounding trees, Velaa’s developer installed extremely tall palm trees along one beach so he could erect a tower with a view over the ocean. Its roof just reaches the crowns of the transplanted palms. Beneath that tower is a cellar stocked with exorbitantly priced French wine. And that’s separate from the resort’s main restaurant, which is built over the water so diners can watch sea turtles swim below while eating meals prepared by a gourmet chef. As per The Print.

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