Record-Breaking Gamer Boasts Impressive Collection of 24,268 Devices

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Antonio Romero Monteiro, a video gamer in his mid-40s, has become known for having the largest collection of video games since 2019 and has recently added even more to his inventory.

Antonio Romero Monteiro, a 45-year-old video gamer who has held the record for the largest collection of video games since 2019, has taken his inventory to new heights. Since March 2019, when it was verified that Monteiro, who lives in the US city of Richmond, has a collection spanning 20,139 video games, the number of video games he owns has grown by over 4,000 in a little less than three years. Mo now has a whopping 24,268 video games. According to the Guinness World Records, Monteiro also has a collection of more than 100 gaming consoles worth $2.1 million.

Monteiro also has the largest collection of Xbox, Sega, Nintendo, and PlayStation products. He has an entire room dedicated to gaming, and all his games are painstakingly organised by an inventory system and a custom database. He has further arranged all the games he owns alphabetically in the room. The collection also includes a wide range of games and accessories for various consoles. He holds five world records in total, all of which are related to his devotion to gaming.

The avid gamer’s lifelong passion began when he started playing video games in 1987 at the age of ten.

“Originally my collection focused on purchasing and repurchasing some of the games I played in my youth,” Monteiro told Guinness World Records. He added that it slowly expanded “to include games I always wanted to play, but hadn’t had the opportunity to, and eventually expanded to completing collections for individual systems.”

Monteiro’s collection contains several unusual items that one would struggle to find anywhere else. For instance, he owns the Max Basic Rifle Marksmanship Program, which Nintendo exclusively released to the US Military for shooting practice. The gaming company never sold it to the public. Monteiro also owns a rare Sega Game Gear game called CJ the Elephant, a complete collection of Nintendo 64DD games (these were only released in Japan), and a series of educational games.

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