Pharis Aboobacker Road To Riches: Behind The Millions

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India, the world’s largest democracy, has witnessed remarkable economic expansion in recent decades, earning its place as one of the global economic powerhouses. Yet, amidst this growth, income disparity persists, leading to a stark wealth divide. In this landscape, entrepreneurs emerge as beacons of success, and one such luminary is Pharis Aboobacker from Kerala, a testament to India’s entrepreneurial spirit.

A Journey of Triumph:

Pharis Aboobacker, a self-made millionaire, exemplifies the resilience and tenacity ingrained in India’s business landscape. Born and raised in Koyilandi, a town in the Kozhikode district, Pharis faced numerous challenges on his path to success. However, he transformed each obstacle into a stepping stone, ultimately emerging as one of Kerala’s most successful businessmen.

Early Struggles and a Sharp Mind:

Unlike some fortunate individuals, Pharis did not inherit wealth from his father. Instead, he worked diligently to reshape his destiny. Pharis started his journey as the son of a humble trader in the rural village of Nandi, near Calicut. Despite attending modest government schools, his innate intelligence and captivating personality made him a favorite among peers from an early age.

Building a Corporate Empire:

Pharis Aboobacker’s journey began modestly, but with time, he established a professionally run corporate structure. His business acumen and innovative ideas propelled his ventures into various industries, including real estate holdings. Through strategic expansion and diversification, Pharis earned recognition as one of the country’s wealthiest and most dynamic entrepreneurs.

The Man Behind the Success:

Formerly the owner of Deepika Newspaper, Pharis Aboobacker is now based in Chennai, a city that has witnessed the rise of his corporate empire. Raised by Mundail Abu Bakar and Mariakarat Sophia, Pharis embraced his humble beginnings and transformed them into a story of unprecedented success.

Lessons in Humility:

Despite his immense wealth, Pharis Aboobacker maintains a humble lifestyle and emphasizes the importance of discipline and integrity. His success story underscores the notion that hard work, perseverance, and innovative thinking can carve a path to success, irrespective of one’s background.


Pharis Aboobacker’s journey from a rural village to becoming one of Kerala’s most successful entrepreneurs is a testament to the transformative power of determination and grit. His story inspires individuals to overcome challenges, chase dreams, and create a positive impact in their lives. In a nation driven by entrepreneurship, Pharis Aboobacker stands tall as a symbol of success, contributing to India’s rich legacy of wealth creation and business innovation.

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